About Escape Rooms

Think of questioniit as video-game meets real life, with a   side order of who-dun-it and just enough stress to make you tingle. Locked inside a room, you have only an hour to solve the mysteries and get the coveted door code– your key to escape and victory!

The live Escape Room is a relatively new genre of entertainment. It is a physical adventure game where participants are locked inside a room and must explore their surroundings and solve various puzzles and logic challenges in order to get out. Before the live version, Escape the Room video games became popular in Japan and spread quickly to other parts of the world and to other formats such as iPhone apps.

During the 2010’s, live escape (one day or weekend events) began to be popular in the United States, Japan,cryptex Taiwan and mainland China. Permanent locations for real-life Escape Games first opened in Switzerland and Hungary spreading quickly afterward to North America, Asia and Australia. Millions of people now enjoy these games throughout the world and the demand for more rooms in more locations is constantly growing.

The appeal of Escape Games is multifaceted. Instead of being an observer of the game, you are actually part of the story. What you do, what you find, how you think and communicate, all affect the ultimate outcome. The countdown clock increases the excitement level as you think quicker and clearer, running through this logical obstacle course.


Keys to success depend on many different things. Here are just a few quick things to keep in mind.



Is there a team leader? What is our strategy?
How do we divide resources? Should we put
all of our clues in one place?

 Be Observant

Sometimes the clues are obvious, but many
things are hidden. Evaluate everything you
see as a potential clue.

 Think Outside the Box

Is this a number “9” or a lowercase “g”?
Is this reverse handwriting? What if I flip
this over?


Does anyone need a 3 digit number? I
found a locked drawer! I’m going to try
some possible door codes. Does anyone
know Chess?


Even if you don’t have a plan or a team leader, don’t worry! The natural development of group dynamics during the game will take over and your unique perspective will fit right in.

Now it’s time to take the Clue Quest challenge. Can you get out in time?