Clara’s Diary

Clara Morris has a diary. In it she writes of her beloved fiancé, Henry, as she waits for his return from war. As fate would have it, Henry was killed with a bullet to the heart. A telegram was sent to dear Clara, but was never opened. She had already died of a broken heart. Clara still waits in the room for her true love. Find the telegram to unite these two souls.

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Game Master

I am the Game Master. There is no other. I am a great connoisseur of all sorts of games. There is a game that I have found that far surpasses all others and it resides inside the human mind. Every game has rules. Your rules are very simple. Within the boundaries of the room are clues. Put the clues together and you can get out before I come back (I am cruel but fair). Many others have failed. How sad for them. How very, very sad.

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Pharaoh’s Revenge

Emerson Hastings Williams III, renown History buff and world explorer has left on another quest. This time he’s after the lost treasure of Ramses The Great. But he’s unaware of the Ancient Curse that awaits him. Find where Emerson went and warn him before its too late!!

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hospital hallway

Hospital Room 151


Bob Smith, co-worker and friend, bumped his head on some shelving above the copier. Your overprotective boss decided he needed to go to the hospital to get checked out. After being gone for several hours you get a frantic call from Bob. “Something strange is going on here! They’re keeping me overnight in Room 151, but they’re doing all these…” … and the phone line goes dead. You and some other co-workers decide to check up on Bob, especially since he doesn’t have any family. You get to the hospital room and Bob is not there – just a startled nurse who wants to know who you are.  After telling her, she immediately rushes out the door… and locks it. Follow Bob’s clues to get out the door and … FIND BOB!!

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